Monday, June 18, 2012

St Geezy St Geezy

Well it happened I'm going to St George... gulp
Am I ready for the city again I don't know. Looks like this will be my last area right in time for the summer. 42 degrees celcius is the average there oh no. I'm excited though cause now there is a much better chance to go see the Clarks sealed in the Temple. This is going to be great though. Every transfer just means more to learn. I feel lucky cause I have got to know so many places in Utah and meet so many people. I have learned a lot so far I love this place.
143 family
The Church is True
Elder Ian Dyer


  1. Alison, please tell Ian that if he comes across Randy and Linda Wilkinson while in St. George, or at the temple, he was my first mission president. He's also in the area presidency there too.

  2. I need to get a hold of Elder Dyer. He baptized a girl in my ward and we don't have record of it. We need his info so Grace can become a full fledged member! Can someone please tell him to look me up on facebook (JD Basile from st. george utah) or to email me at Thanks!!!